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Canon Law * Quaestio Ann Arbor


Quaestio Ann Arbor

Leipzig Catalogue


   This 13th century incomplete manuscript, designated "Robert/us, Poenitentiale", is in two parts (MS 52, A & B) and can be found in Special Collections, Hatcher Graduate Library (7th floor), Ann Arbor campus, University of Michigan. The material  is in good condition, most script is neat but heavily abbreviated, folios are not numbered. Has occasional light marginalia and corrections, a few simple illustrations (pointing monks, etc.), and red & black decorations. Available during posted business hours, photo ID required, magnifying glasses recommended.


QAA Literature:


1) "At present, this writer has at his disposal only the photostats of an incomplete and hitherto unidentified copy, University of Michigan [Ann Arbor], MS 52 (fols. A1-A-16v, 1-24v)..." S. Kuttner, "Miscellany" Traditio 2 (1944) 497. 


   Footnote reads: "The MS, superficially described in De Ricci & Wilson Census [p. 1112] contains

     (i) Robert's Poenitentiale, prol.-III, tit. de simonia (incomplete, fols. A1-A16v); IV-V (fols. 1-24v);

     (ii) fols. 25ra-36vb: Statutes of the Fourth Lateran Council [11-30 November 1215];

     (iii) fols. 37ra-43vc, 45ra-48vc: Bulgarus [Enc.Brit.11°], Apparatus in tit. de regulis iuris, an unknown copy of the work edited by F.G.C. Beckhaus (Bonn, 1856), with glosses different from those discussed by G. Haenel, 'Zu Bulgarus Commentar des Pandektentitels De Regulis Juris', Berichte über die Verhandlungen der kgl. sächisschen Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften, phil-hist. Cl. XXVII (1875), 231-255;

     (iv) fol. 44r: a fragment of allegations for a law suit, probably French;

     (v) fols. 48va-52rb; the title de verborum significatione of the Digest;

     (vi) fol. 52va and 52rb in part: legal definitions, beg. 'Irenarcha';

     (vii) fols. 53rb-58rb: the so-called Ulpianus de edendo, a well-known anglo-norman treatise on civil procedure, c. 1150, with glosses;

     (viii) a tract de appellationibus, beg. 'Videndum est quid sit appellatio, quis possit appellare...' to be discussed elsewhere."


2) "I wish to call attention to the following unrecorded items: Ann Arbor, University of Michigan, 52 fol. 58v beg. 'Queritur utrum decime sint prediales an personales prestationes': one q. (for other contents of the MS, cf. Traditio 2 [1944] 497 and n. 30)." S. Kuttner, "Some Unrecorded Quaestiones", Traditio 13 (1957) 507.


3) J. J. Francis Firth, ed., Robert of Flamborough, Liber Poenitentialis, a critical edition with introduction and notes,  (Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies, 1971), pp. 20-21 for discussion of the Quaestio Ann Arbor, concentrating on Robert of Flamborough's Poenitentiale.


4) Dr. Pennington's reference.