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8 February 2018

 Advisory Opinions and Published Consultations in Canon Law



Advisory opinions and published consultations, a canonical literary form similar to the "Casus Conscientiae" of the moral theologians, are a staple of canon law. These short works, usually targeted to a narrow set of facts (sometimes hypothetical, but often actual, if disguised), illustrate the concrete application of law to life. All advisory opinions are unofficial (no matter who wrote them) and boast only the authority of the arguments made therein. Nevertheless, advisory opinions and published consultations form an important part of canonical literature and contribute to the evolution of canonical jurisprudence.


1983 Western Code

1990 Eastern Code

The most important collection of advisory opinions on Johanno-Pauline law is that published annually by the Canon Law Society of America, here.


Others include: coming.


1917 Western Code

  William Conway (Irish priest, 1913-1977), Problems in Canon Law: Classified Replies to Practical Questions (Newman, 1956) 345 pp. ▪ Review: E. Roelker, The Jurist 17 (1957) 211. ≡ Earlier versions of most replies can be found be in The Irish Ecclesiastical Record, 1943-1956. Biograph.


  Edward Mahoney (English priest, 1888-1954), Priests’ Problems, edited by L. McReavey, (Burns & Oates, 1958) 468 pp. Summary: Not every question and/or answer was strictly canonical, but an index on pp. 459-461 indicates whether a given canon was among the more than 230 canons treated in some 335 main questions. Earlier versions of most replies can be found be in The Clergy Review, 1945-1954.


  aa.vv., Consultationes Iuris Canonici, in 2 vols., (Pont. Inst. Utriusque Iuris, 1934/1939). ▪ Summary: Scores of questions on hundreds of canons from throughout the Pio-Benedictine Code.


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