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Major Academic Works in Canon Law



This page is being reorganized and greatly expanded.

Additions are being made daily, often, several times per day.



Doctoral dissertations and licentiate theses rank among the most important resources for students and practitioners of canon law. This page brings together these canonical academic works and presents them in a uniform manner to facilitate their citation and use.







Authors of canon law dissertations, theses, or other academic works, or persons having information about them, are invited to check the entries for below for accuracy and, if errors are omissions are spotted, to please contact the Webmaster with corrections. Your help would be greatly appreciated!


Canonical institutions that wish to see their dissertations, theses, or diploma projects listed here are invited to contact the Webmaster for suggestions regarding submissions.



Institutions surveyed for Doctoral Dissertations, Licentiate Theses, and other Diplomas and Certificates


The Catholic University of America (Washington DC, USA)

School/Department of Canon Law, here.

  • 583 doctoral dissertations identified from 1916 through 2017.

Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas (Angelicum), (Rome, Italy)

Faculty of Canon Law, here.

  • = doctoral doctoral dissertations identified from

St. Paul University / Université Saint-Paul (Ottawa, Canada).

Faculty of Canon Law / Faculté de Droit Canonique, here.

  • 220 doctoral dissertations identified from1931 through 2016.

Gregorian University (Rome, Italy).

Faculty of Canon Law, here.

  • 100 doctoral dissertations identified from 1995 through 2014.

Ludwig-Maximilians Universität (Munich Germany)

Klaus-Mörsdorf-Studies of Canon Law (Institute), here

  • 70 doctoral dissertations identified from 1951-2014.

Pontifical University Santa Croce (Rome, Italy).

  • 41 doctoral dissertations identified from 2001-2016.

Université Laval (Québec, Canada).

  • 29 doctoral dissertations identified from 1941 through 1954.

Université de Strasbourg, Institut de Droit Canonique

  • 26 doctoral dissertations identified from 1924-1969

Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

  • 20 doctoral dissertations identified from 1997 through 2016.

The Catholic University of East Africa (Nairobi, Kenya)

  • 2 doctoral doctoral dissertations identified from 1995 through 2013.

Universidad Pontificia de México (Mexico City)

= doctoral doctoral dissertations identified from



Licentiate Theses



Diploma/Certificate Projects




Entries consist of three, sometimes four, parts which, to the extent possible, convey in this order:


Name of author: First and last name only, no middle names or middle initials; No honorifics (such as Fr. or Sr.); Nationality (also nation of origin if different); Ecclesial status ('priest' means arch/diocesan priest, male 'religious' are priests unless marked otherwise, male religious belonging to large orders are so indicated); Year of birth and/or death.


Title of work: Given, always in italics, as it appears in the original (so, language of title is the primary language of the work except as noted). Capitalization observed according to language; abbreviations standardized.


Location of work: Name of institution granting degree, year of publication, and ISBN provided when feasible, prices omitted; Institutional identification numbers, usually serial, included only if useful in locating the work; Pagination (as explained below); Citation to abstracts, if any, and/or to dissertation on-line if available (often in PDF);


Other matters: Set off by a square black bullet (▪) and presenting: Link or citation to abstract of and/or the original work; Republication of the work; Link or citation to scholarly reviews of original or republished versions; Link or citation to biographical information on author; Miscellaneous notes.



Entries preceded by a round maroon bullet () have been entered in the Codex Vivens as "Academic" works.


Information given at time of writing dissertation, thus, for example, priests who later leave ministry or who are later promoted to bishop are still listed as 'priest'.


Pagination. Number of pages was determined by looking to the last numbered page if the text was available, or taken the number of pages given in a reference to the work. Introductory materials are generally not counted (but see, e.g., Ludwig-Maximilians Universität), but appendices (if in continuously numbered pages) are counted. Estimates of pagination here tend to be 5% to 10% lower than those given on-line. In short, pagination counts are not exact.


Links. All links worked when posted. Please notify the Webmaster if any links are found defective.


Formatting. Primary font used below is plain Arial, 12 point. The degree sign (°), read as "number" by canonists, is a stylistically unhappy device and often disturbs text formatting. All degree signs in titles of works have been replaced with (n.) for "number".


Biograph links to author information (e.g., Wikipedia entries, faculty or administration pages, curricula vitae, and so on.)


Comments made in bracketed green highlights are for editing purposes only.









The Catholic University of America (Washington, DC)

School/Faculty of Canon Law


583 dissertations from 1916 through 2016












































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Last update: 27 iun 2017, pm.


Notes: Some CUA dissertations, though assigned numbers, were apparently either not finished or not published. Abstracts for CUA dissertations began appearing in The Jurist in the mid 1970s. After Vatican II few CUA dissertations were printed, although original manuscripts are on deposit in CUA's Mullen Library.


Sources include: The Catholic University of America, School of Canon Law: Doctoral Dissertations, here. Anon., "Doctoral Dissertations in Canon Law: The Catholic University of America (1916-1990)", The Jurist 50 (1990) 684-719, and annual supplements thereto appearing in The Jurist since then. Several earlier private listings of dissertations need exist but are no longer consulted. CUA licentiate theses are listed annually in The Jurist.


CUA Doctoral Dissertations


 • James Bradley (=, =), The Provenance and Purpose of Personal Ordinariates Erected under the Auspices of the Apostolic Constitution 'Anglicanorum coetibus', (CUA diss. 583, 2017) 505 pp. ▪ Dissertation here. / Abstract at Jurist = .


 • Matthew Kozlowski (=, =), A Canonical Analysis of the Authority Exercised by the Diocesan Bishop and the Religious Superior over the Religious Pastor qua Pastor, (CUA diss. 582, 2016) 280 pp. ▪ Dissertation here. / Abstract at Jurist =


 • James Peterson (American religious brother, 1971-), Admission of Candidates to the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin: Canons 597,641-645, Ongoing Canonical Considerations, (CUA diss. 581, 2016) 331 pp. ▪ Dissertation here. / Abstract at Jurist =.


 • Juan Esposito-Garcia (=, =), The Declaration of Absence of the Respondent in Marriage Nullity Trials: A Strategy for Dealing with the Obstructive Respondent, (CUA diss. 580, 2016) = pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist =.


 • Zabrina Decker (American laywoman, =), An Examination of the Foundation and Activation of the Cooperation of Laity and Pastors in the Munus Docendi in Catechesis according to Canon 776, (CUA diss. 579, 2016) xi-316 pp. ▪ Dissertation here. / Abstract at Jurist = .


 • Edward Condon (=, =), Heresy by Association: The Canonical Prohibition of Freemasonry in History and in the Current Law, (CUA diss. 578, 2014) 279 pp. ▪ Dissertation here. / Abstract at Jurist 75 (2015) 689-690.


 • Dariusz Zielonka (Polish/American priest, 1968-), The Influence of the Second Vatican Council on the Function of Papal Legates. Comparative Analysis of the 1917 and 1983 Codes of Canon Law and Selected Special Faculties, (CUA diss. 577, 2013) 309 pp. ▪ Dissertation here. / Abstract at Jurist 74 (2014) 401-402.


Benon Farcas (Romanian priest, =), The Canonical Form of Marriage in Latin Law and in Oriental Law: a Comparative Study with References to the Application of Catholic-Byzantine Law to Selected Pastoral Concerns in Eastern Europe, (CUA diss. 576, 2010) 332 pp. ▪ Dissertation here. / Abstract at Jurist 70 (2010) 521-522 and at Jurist 71 (2011) 477-478.


 • Jaclyn O’Brien McEachern (=, =), Diplomatic Activity in Service of Papal Teaching: the Promotion of Religious Freedom in Relations with Islamic States during the Pontifical of John Paul II, (CUA diss. 575, 2010) 409 pp. ▪ Dissertation here. / Abstract at Jurist 70 (2010) 523-524 and at Jurist 71 (2011) 478-479.


 • Christopher Beaudet (American priest, =), The Promotion of Doctrine by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in Light of Pastor bonus and Canon 754, (CUA diss. 574, 2010) 425 pp. ▪ Dissertation here. / Abstract at Jurist 70 (2010) 520-521.


 • Anthony McLaughlin (Irish/American priest, =)The Obligation of Perfect and Perpetual Continence and Married Deacons in the Latin Church, (CUA diss. 573, 2010) 350 pp. ▪ Dissertation here. / Abstract at Jurist 70 (2010) 522-523.


 • Cyprian Rosen (American religious, =), Fostering the Patrimony of the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin: a Study in the Joint Responsibility of the Capuchins and the Apostolic See, (CUA diss. 572, 2009) 331 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 69 (2009) 815-816.


 • Rogelio Ayala-Partida (Mexican =, =), Accountability in the Exercise of Diocesan Pastoral Care: the Functioning and Monitoring of Selected Ecclesiastical Offices, (CUA diss. 571, 2009) 532 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 69 (2009) 811-812.


 • Grazyna Kolondra (Polish laywoman, =), Right to Fair Proceedings in the Judicial Penal Process in Light of the Norms on the Ordinary Contentious Trial, (CUA diss. 570, 2009) 441 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 69 (2009) 814-815.


Eduard Giurgi (Romanian priest, 1975-), The Impact of Dolus on the Legal Acts in the 1983 Code, (CUA diss. 569, 2009) 274 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 69 (2009) 813-814.


  Sean Sheridan (American Franciscan, 1962-), Ex Corde Ecclesiae: a Canonical Commentary on Catholic Universities 'From the Heart to the Church' to Catholic Universities, (CUA diss. 568, 2009) 484 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 69 (2009) 817-818.


 • Thomas Condon (=, =), The Sanctifying Function of the Diocesan Bishop Especially in Relationship with Pastors: a Canonical Analysis of Liturgical Developments with Special Reference to the Eucharist, (CUA diss. 567, 2009) 902 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 69 (2009) 812-813.


 • Jeffrey Staab (=, =), The Obligation of Clerics to Acknowledge and Foster the Mission of Lay Persons in Selected Institutes of Collaboration, (CUA diss. 566, 2008) 688 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 68 (2008) 625-626.


 • John Foster (American priest, =), The Nature and Use of the Recognitio of the Apostolic See with a Consideration of Select Normative Decisions of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, (CUA diss. 565, 2007) 484 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 68 (2008) 561.


 • Peter Akpoghiran (= priest, =), The Role and Evaluation of Witness Testimony in Marriage Nullity Trials in the 1983 Code of Canon Law and the Instruction Dignitas connubii, (CUA diss. 564, 2007) 395 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 68 (2008) 560.


 • Michael Skrocki (American priest, 1964-), Historical Roots of the Extraordinary Form of Marriage in the Codex Canonum Ecclesiarum Orientalium as Found in the Imperial Legislation of Justinian, Constantine V, and Leo VI, (CUA diss. 563, 2006) 235 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 66 (2006) 518-519.


 • Thomas Cronkleton (American priest, =), A Comparative Study of the Juridic Personality of a Roman Catholic Parish in Canon Law and the Laws of the State of Wyoming, (CUA diss. 562, 2004) 695 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 64 (2004) 392-393.


 • Nancy Bauer (American Benedictine, 1963-), Benedictine Monasticism and the Canonical Obligation of Common Life, (CUA diss. 561, 2004) 496 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 64 (2004) 390-391.


 • Juan Diego Brunetta (American religious, =), The Spiritual and Juridical Bonds in the Order of Preachers: a Canonical Study, (CUA diss. 560, 2004) 366 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 64 (2004) 388-389.


 • Robert Oliver (American priest, 1960-), Developing Criteria of Ecclesiality for Associations of the Faithful, (CUA diss. 559, 2002) 403 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 62 (2002) 424-425.


George Stuart (American priest, =), The Meaning of Sacred Status in the 1917 and 1983 Codes of Canon Law, CUA diss. 558, 2001) 451 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 61 (2001) 315.


 • Thomas Purcell (American Franciscan, =), The Training of Members of Religious Institutes for Ordained Ministry According to the Current Law of the Church, (CUA diss. 557, 2001) 212 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 61 (2001) 314-315.


 • Ronny Jenkins (American priest, =), Recent Rotal Jurisprudence on Simulation 'contra bonum sacramenti' by an Implicit Act of the Will, (CUA diss. 556, 1999) 320 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 59 (1999) 472.


 • Jiri Kasny (Czech layman, 1958), The Right of Defense in Administrative Procedures: a Comparative and Analogical Study, (CUA diss. 555, 1998) 262 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 58 (1998) 530.


 • Francis Horn (American Augustinian, =), The Role of the Lay Brother in the Governance of the Order of Saint Benedict, (CUA diss. 554, 1998) 367 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 58 (1998) 529.


 • Jerome Jung (American priest, =), Transactions Which May Worsen the Patrimonial Condition of a Public Juridic Person in the United States: a Study of Canon 1295, (CUA diss. 553, 1998) 380 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 58 (1998) 531.


 • David Zwifka (American Anglican cleric, =), Regulation of the Rights of Individuals for the Common Good: an Analysis of Canon 223 § 2 in Light of American Constitutional Law as Articulated in the Opinions of the Supreme Court of the United States, (CUA diss. 552, 1997) 409 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 57 (1997) 564-565.


 • Gerard Mesure (American priest, =), The Diocesan Chancellor in Canon Law and in Praxis in United States Archdioceses, (CUA diss. 551, 1997) 249 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 57 (1997) 563.


 • Stephen Kain (American Franciscan, =), Written Agreements between Bishops and Religious for Entrusted Diocesan Works, (CUA diss. 550, 1996) 374 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 56 (1996) 924-925.


 • Dwight Whitt (American Dominican, =), The Personal Particular Church from the Antepreparatory Stage of the Second Vatican Council to Canon 372 § 2 in the 1983 Code of Canon Law and Its Application to American Roman Catholics of African Ancestry, (CUA diss. 549, 1996) 995 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 56 (1996) 923-924.


 • Christopher Armstrong (American priest, =), A Critical Appraisal of Latae Sententiae Penalties in the 1983 Code of Canon Law, (CUA diss. 548, 1996) 361 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 56 (1996) 922-923.


 • Scott Duarte (American priest, =), The Diocesan Bishop's Solicitude for the Intellectual Life of Diocesan Priests, (CUA diss 547, 1996) = pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 56 (1996) 921.


Warren Soule (=, =), The Summa De multiplici iuris divisione: an Introduction and Critical Text, (CUA diss. 546, 1996) 272 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 56 (1996) 920.


 • Michael = Foster (American priest, =), The Promotion of the Canonical Rights of Children in Situations of Divorce and Remarriage, (CUA diss. 545, 1994) 416 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 54 (1994) 753-754.


 • John Hesch (American priest, † 1994), A Canonical Commentary on Selected Personnel Policies in the United States of America Regarding Decent Support of Diocesan Priests in Active Ministry, (CUA diss. 544, 1994) 323 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 54 (1994) 752-753.


 • Edward Pfnausch (American priest, 1942-2013), The Relationship between Ministry and Holiness in the Life of the Diocesan Priest: An Interpretation of Canon 276 § 2, n. 1 of the 1983 Code of Canon Law, (CUA diss. 543, 1994) 214 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 54 (1994) 751-752.


 • Patrick Shea (American Franciscan brother, =), A Study of the Canonical Status of an Exclaustrated Member of a Religious Institute in the Light of Civil Law Considerations in the United States of America, (CUA diss. 542, 1993) 553 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 53 (1993) 438-439.


 • Peter Jugis (American priest, 1957-), A Canonical Analysis of the Meaning of Humano Modo in Canon 1061 § 1, (CUA diss. 541, 1993) 405 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 53 (1993) 437-438. / Biograph.


 • Mark Bartchak (American priest, 1955-), Responsibility for Providing Spiritual Formation in Diocesan Seminaries According to the 1983 Code of Canon Law, with Special reference to the United States, (CUA diss. 540, 1992) 370 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 52 (1992) 739.


 • Michael Joyce, (American religious, =) The Ministry of the Priest in the Exercise of the Munus Sanctificandi as it pertains to the Eucharist, (CUA diss. 539 (1992) 349 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 52 (1992) 737-738.


 • Edward Kurtyka (American priest, =), The Vicar Forane, (CUA diss. 538, 1991) 325 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 51 (1991) 230-231.


 • Edward Peters (American layman, 1957-), Penal Procedural Law in the 1983 Code of Canon Law, (CUA diss. 537, 1991) 393 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 51 (1991) 229-230. / Biograph.


 • David O'Connell (American priest, =), An Analysis of Canon 810 of the 1983 Code of Canon Law and Its Application to Catholic Universities and Institutes of Higher Studies in the United States, (CUA diss. 536 (1990) 302 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 50 (1990) 654-655.


 • Ronald Bowers (American priest, =), Episcopal Power of Governance in the Diocesan Church: From the 1917 Code of Canon Law to the Present, (CUA diss. 535, 1990) 364 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 50 (1990) 653-654.


 • Michael Lusena (Sri Lankan priest, 1936-2017), The Application of Selected Capita of Canonical Jurisprudence to the Practice of "Proposed Marriages" in Sri Lanka, (CUA diss. 534, 1990) 263 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 50 (1990) 652-653.


 • Francis Schneider (American priest, 1956-), Obedience to the Bishop by the Diocesan Priest in the 1983 Code of Canon Law, (CUA diss. 533, 1990) 368 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 50 (1990) 651-652.


Eugene Hayes (American religious, =), Rightful Autonomy of Life and Charism in the Proper Law of the Norbertine Order, (CUA diss. no. 532, 1990) 600 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 50 (1990) 650-651.


 • Virginia Bartolac (American religious, =), The Practice of the Evangelical Counsels in Secular Institutes, (CUA diss. 531, 1989) 391 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 49 (1989) 721-722.


 • Arthur Espelage (American Franciscan, =), Authority of Ministers Provincial in the Order of Friars Minor Before 1518, (CUA diss. 530, 1989) 303 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 49 (1989) 720-721.


 • Richard Ryan (=, =), The Canonical Status of Marriages Attempted Before Civil Authorities: A Historical Analysis from the Council of Trent to the 1983 Code, (CUA diss. 529, 1989) 305 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 49 (1989) 719-720.


 • Craig Cox (American priest, 1952-), Procedural Changes in Formal Marriage Nullity Cases from the 1917 to the 1983 Code: Analysis, Critique and Possible Alternatives, (CUA diss. 528, 1989) 448 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 49 (1989) 718-719.


John McIntyre (American Jesuit, 1930-2014), Customary Law in the Corpus Juris Canonici, (CUA diss. 527, 1989) 221 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 49 (1989) 717-718. / Review by A. Gauthier, Studia Canonica 27 (1993) 261-262.


 • Sharon Euart (American religious, =), Church-State Implications in the United States of Canon 812 of the 1983 Code of Canon Law, (CUA diss. 526, 1988) 336 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 48 (1988) 846-847.


 • Barbara Cusack (American religious, =), A Study of the Relationship between the Diocesan Bishop and Catholic Schools Below the Level of Higher Education in the US: Canons 801-806 of the 1983 Code of Canon Law, (CUA diss. 525, 1988) 308 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 48 (1988) 845-846.


 • Thomas Moran (American layman, 1951-), The Applicability of Canon 1095, n.3 to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders in Vietnam Veterans, (CUA diss. 524, 1988) 524 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 48 (1988) 844-845.


 • Lucy Blyskal (American religious, =), The Ordinary Ecclesiastical Magisterium from the Antepreparatory Documents of Vatican Council II to Canons 752 and 753 of the 1983 Code, (CUA diss. 523, 1987) 437 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 47 (1987) 588.


 • Marie Breitenbeck (American religious, =), The Role of Experts in Ecclesial Decision-Making in the 1983 Code of Canon Law, (CUA diss. 522, 1987) 351 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 47 (1987) 587.


 • John Lahey (=, =), Faithful Fulfillment of the Pious Will: A Fundamental Principle of Church Law as Found in the 1983 Code of Canon Law, (CUA diss. 521, 1987) 199 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 47 (1987) 586.


 • David Walkowiak (American priest, 1963-), The Diocesan Bishop and the Munus Sanctificandi: A Study of Its Legal Development, (CUA diss. 520, 1987) 338 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 47 (1987) 584-585; Biograph.


 • Elissa Rinere (American religious, =), The Term "Ministry" as Applied to the Laity in the Documents of Vatican II, Post Conciliar Documents of the Apostolic See, and the 1983 Code of Canon Law, (CUA diss. 519, 1986) 383 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 46 (1986) 667-668.


 • John Johnson (American priest, 1949-), The Synod of Bishops: An Analysis of its Legal Development, (CUA diss. 518, 1986) 526 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 46 (1986) 666-667.


 • Joseph Koury (American Jesuit, =), Three Sixteenth Century Constitutions on the Dissolution of Marriage: A Study on Lawmaking and the Uses of Law, (CUA diss. 517, 1985) 382 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 45 (1985) 667-668.


 • John Amos (American =, =), Associations of the Christian Faithful in the 1983 Code of Canon Law: A Canonical Analysis and Evaluation, (CUA diss. 516, 1986) 435 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 46 (1986) 665-666.


 • John Beal (American priest, 1946-), Confining and Structuring the Exercise of Administrative Discretion in the Particular Church: A Study of the Adaptability of Certain Principles of American Administrative Law to the Exercise of Administrative Discretion by Diocesan Bishops, (CUA diss. 515, 1985) 675 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 45 (1985) 666-667.


 • Augustine Mringi (Tanzanian priest, 1941-2001), Small Christian Communities in Eastern Africa with Particular Reference to Tanzania: Canonical Implications, (CUA diss. 514, 1985) 477 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 45 (1985) 665-666.


 • Lynn Jarrell (American Ursuline, =), The Development of Legal Structures for Women Religious Between 1500 and 1900: A Study of Selected Institutes of Religious Life for Women, (CUA diss. 513, 1985) 351 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 45 (1985) 663-664.


 • Rosemary Smith (American religious, =), Lay Persons and the Munus Sanctificandi: Legal Development from the Second Vatican Council to the Revised Code of Canon Law, (CUA diss. 512, 1984) 334 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 44 (1984) 492-493.


 • Michael Balhoff (American priest, =), The Legal Interrelatedness of the Sacraments of Initiation: New Canonical Developments in the Latin Rite from Vatican Council II to 1982, (CUA diss. 511, 1984) 304 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 44 (1984) 491-492.


 • James Donlon (American priest, =), The Human Rights of Priests to Equitable Sustenance and to Mobility: An Evaluation of Canon Law from the Codex Juris Canonici to the Proposed Revision of the Code of Canon Law, (CUA diss. 510, 1984) 306 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 44 (1984) 490-491.


Leslie Sachs (=, =), Thomas Cranmer's Reformatio Legum Ecclesiasticarum in the Context of English Church Law from the Later Middle Ages to the Canons of 1603, (CUA diss. 509, 1982) 268 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 42 (1982) 560-561.


Leonard Pivonka (American priest, =), The Secretariat for Promoting Christian Unity: A Study of a Catholic Response to the Modern Ecumenical Movement, (CUA diss. 508, 1982) 415 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 42 (1982) 558-559.


 • Stephen Churchwell (American priest, =), Epilepsy and Holy Orders in the Canonical Practice of the Western Church, (CUA diss. 507, 1982) 221 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 42 (1982) 556-558.


 • Donald Frugé (American priest, =-2013), The Taxation Practices of the United States Bishops in Relation to the Authority of Bishops to Tax According to the Code of Canon Law and Proposed Revisions, (CUA diss. 506, 1982) 246 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 42 (1982) 555-556.


 • John Huels (American priest, 1950-), The Interpretation of the Law on Communion Under Both Species, (CUA diss. 505, 1982) 361 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 42 (1982) 554-555.


 • Elizabeth McDonough (American Dominican, =), Canon Law in Pastoral Perspective: Principles for the Application of Law According to Antoninus of Florence, (CUA diss. 504, 1982) 272 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 42 (1982) 552-553.


Stanley Teixeira (=, =), Personnel Policies: A Canonical Commentary on Selected Clergy Personnel Policies in the United States of America, (CUA diss. 503, 1981) 241 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 41 (1981) 507-509.


Brian Sparksman (= priest, =), The Minister of Music in the Western Church, (CUA diss. 502, 1981) 389 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 41 (1981) 505-507.


Dennis Schnurr (American priest, 1948-), The Quamprimum of Infant Baptism in the Western Church, (CUA diss. 501, 1981) 268 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 41 (1981) 504-505. / Biograph.


John Oosterman (= priest, =), Peter Damiani's Doctrine on the Sacerdotal Office: A Canonical Study of the Validity of Orders and the Worthy Exercise of Ordained Ministry, (CUA diss. 500, 1980) 341 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 40 (1980) 454-456.


Rose McDermott (American religious, 1934-), The Legal Condition of Women in the Church: Shifting Policies and Norms, (CUA diss. 499, 1979) 444 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 38 (1978) 510-511.


Geoffrey King (Australian Jesuit, 1943-2015), The Acceptance of Law by the Church Community as an Integral Element in the Formation of Canon Law, (CUA diss. 498, 1979) 233 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 39 (1979) 508-510.


Emil Labbe (American religious, 1941-2007), A Canonical Study of Pastoral Preparation for Priestly Ministry, with Special Reference to the United States, (CUA diss. 497, 1978) 417 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 38 (1978) 453-454.


Thomas Doyle (American religious, =), The Understanding of the Concept of Bonum Fidei in the Church's Canonical Tradition, (CUA diss. 496, 1978) 662 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 38 (1978) 452-453.


Joseph Pokusa (=, =), A Canonico-Historical Study of the Diaconate in the Western Church, (CUA diss. 495, 1979) 387 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 38 (1978) 512-513.


Robert Thrasher (American priest, =), The Application of Canon 1014 to External Forum and Internal Forum Solution to Marriage Cases, (CUA diss. 494, 1978) 245 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 38 (1978) 450-451.


Margaret Modde (=, =), A Canonical Study of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR). of the United States of America, (CUA diss. 493, 1977) 260 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 37 (1977) 421-422.


Anthony Diacetis (American priest, 1944-2005), The Judgment of Formal Matrimonial Cases: Historical Reflections, Contemporary Developments, and Future Possibilities, (CUA diss. 492, 1977) 355 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 37 (1977) 420-421.


John Myers (American priest, 1941-), The Trullan Controversy: Implications for the Status of the Orthodox Churches in Roman Catholic Canon Law, (CUA diss. 491, 1977) 235 pp. ▪ Abstract at Jurist 37 (1977) 418-419. / Biograph.


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CUA Licentiate Theses





 Pontificia Università S. Tommaso D'Aquino

 Facultà di Diritto Canonico


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Notes: Most Angelicum dissertations exist in two forms, a numbered, non-circulating manuscript and a printed, circulating (though often merely excerpted) monograph. If both forms were located, the manuscript form of the dissertation is listed here.


Sources include: Angelo Urru, La Facoltà di Diritto Canonico della Pontificia Università di San Tommaso D'Aquino in Roma: Cento Anni di Storia (Pioda, 1998) 122 pp. / Angelicum library catalogue, here.


Angelicum Doctoral Dissertations


Pius Pietrzyk (American Dominican, =), Priories are people, too: the juridic personality of religious houses and priories of the Order of Preachers of the Province of St. Joseph in canon law and the civil law of the United States of America, (Angelicum diss. 3942, 2017) vii-391 pp.


Darius Romualdo (=, =), The suspension of the ‘litis instantia’: a canonical analysis from the 1917 Code of canon law to 2015 ‘Mitis Iudex Dominus Iesus’, (Angelicum diss. 3941, 2017) 343 pp.


Salvatore Dionesalvi (=, =), É legittimo ammettere i mafiosi ai sacramenti?: riflessioni e scelte di alcuni vescovi In Calabria, (Angelicum diss. 3940, 2017) 191 xcc.


Thomas Washington (= priest, =), The immunity of the Roman Pontiff in international law: a potential challenge for canon law, (Angelicum diss. 3939, 2016) 294 xcc.


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Romeo Frutuoso Monteiro (Indian priest, =), The parish as a communion of small Christian communities: a study with special reference to the Archdiocese of Goa and Daman (India), (Angelicum diss. 3936, 2016) xi-292 xcc.


Florentino Bolo (= Dominican, =), The priestly fraternities of St. Dominic: juridical status and particular reference to the Philippines, (Angelicum diss. 3935, 2016) iv-323 xcc.


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Pablo Luis Werner Benjumea (=, =), El hábito religioso como signo de consagración (can. 669), con especial referencia al hábito de la sociedad de vida apostólica Virgo Flos Carmeli, (Angelicum diss. 3928, 2015) 187 xcc.


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Remigiusz Blaszkowski (=, =), The solicitude of the diocesan bishop for his presbyter, (Angelicum diss. 3924, 2015) 250 xcc.




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St. Paul University / Université Saint-Paul

(University of Ottawa, Canada)


220 dissertations from 1931 through 2017














































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Last update: 22 iun 2017, pm.


Notes: Some SPU/USP dissertations had been unofficially assigned a "D" number by Michel Thériault, but these were later discontinued and so do not appear here.


Sources include: Michel Thériault, "Doctoral Dissertations and Master of Arts Theses in Canon Law Presented to the University of Ottawa (1931-1964) and the Saint Paul University (1966-1987)", Studia Canonica 22 (1988) 431-451 (Eng/Fr intro), and M. Thériault, "Doctoral Dissertations in Canon Law Presented to Saint Paul University (1987-1990)" Studia Canonica 25 (1991) 477-484 (English / French introduction). Listings for 1991-2008 dissertations were kindly provided by Beverly Kavanaugh of the SPU/USP canon law faculty office.


SPU/USP Doctoral Dissertations


Lennoxie Lusabe (Kenyan Vincentian, 1973-), An Analysis of Participative Structures in Selected Particular Churches in Eastern Africa in Light of the 1983 Code of Canon Law, (SPU/USP diss., 2017) 364 pp. ▪ Dissertation here.


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 • David Anthony (Indian Oblate, 1970-), Pastoral care of refugees according to the teaching of the Catholic Church with particular reference to the Sri Lankan Tamil refugees in Tamil Nadu, India, (SPU/USP diss., 2010) 348 pp. ▪ Abstract and/or dissertation here.


 • Chad Glendinning (Canadian layman, 1979-), 'Summorum Pontificum' and the use of the extraordinary form of the Roman Rite: A canonical analysis in light of the current liturgical law, (SPU/USP diss., 2010) 426 pp. ▪ Abstract and/or dissertation here.


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{earlier series}


Pierantonio Pavanello (=, =), Il requisito della perpetuità nell'incapacità di assumere le obbligazioni essenziali del matrimonio (Canon 1095, n.3), (Gregorian diss. =, 1994) xv-194 pp. ▪ Review by F. Easton, The Jurist 55 (1995) 462-463.


Raymond Burke (American priest, 1948-), Lack of discretion of judgment because of schizophrenia: doctrine and recent Rotal jurisprudence, (Gregorian diss. =, 1986) 254 pp. ▪ Review by T. Harrington, The Jurist 47 (1987) 607-608.


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LMU Licentiate Theses






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Santa Croce Doctoral Dissertations


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Giovanni Parise (=, =), La giurisprudenza del Supremo Tribunale della Segnatura Apostolica in materia di soppressione, unione, modifica di parrocchie e di riduzione ad uso profano non indecoroso di edifici sacri, (Santa Croce diss., 2015, ISBN 9788883335327) 390 pp.


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S= Salazar (=, =), L’impedimento di consanguineitá nel sistema matrimoniale canonico, (Santa Croce diss., 2013, ISBN 9788883332975) 314 pp.


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Massimo del Pozzo (Itaina Opus Dei, 1966-), L'evoluzione della nozione di Diritto nel pensiero canonistico di Javier Hervada, (Santa Croce diss., 2005, ISBN 8883331516) 588 pp. ▪ Biograph.


Landry Gbaka-Brédé (Ivory Coast Opus Dei, =), La doctrine canonique sur le droits fondamentaux des fidèles et sur leur réception dans le Code de 1983, (Santa Croce diss., 2005, ISBN 8883331494) 350 pp.


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H= Bocala (=, =), Diplomatic relations between the Holy See and the State of Israel: Policy Basis in the Pontifical Documents (1948-1997), (Santa Croce diss., 2003, ISBN 8883330706) 460 pp.


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Benedict Ejeh (Nigerian priest, =), The Freedom of Candidates for the Priesthood, (Santa Croce diss., 2002, ISBN 8883330390) 278 pp.


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Eugenio Callioli (Portuguese priest, =), O estado e o fator religioso no Brasil República. Compilaçao de leis comentada, (Santa Croce diss., 2001, ISBN 888333017X) 300 pp.


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Montserrat Gas i Aixendri (Spanish laywoman, =), Relevancia canónica del error sobre la dignidad sacramental del matrimonio, (Santa Croce diss., 2001, ISBN 8883330285) 432 pp. Biograph.


Santa Croce Licentiate Theses







Université Laval (Québec, Canada)

Faculty of Canon Law


29 dissertations from 1941 through 1954



































































































Last update: 21 iun 2017, pm.


Notes: The Faculty of Canon Law at Université Laval was reorganized in 1935 and stopped offering courses in 1948. Thus, all canon law dissertations approved therein were written under the 1917 Code and none is therefore listed in the Codex Vivens. No licentiate theses from Laval University have been located.


Sources include: Armand Gagné, Répertoire des Thèses des Facultés Ecclésiastiques de L'Université Laval 1935-1960, (≠, 1960) pp. 3-6, 14.



Laval Doctoral Dissertations


Vincent Foy (Canadian priest, 1915-2017), The right of the consorts to attack the marriage bond, Université Laval (Québec, Canada, 1954) = pp.


Arthur McClory (American priest, 1919-1978), The notion of impotence in canon law, Université Laval (Québec, Canada, 1951) = pp.


Roland Potvin (Canadian priest, 1912-2003), L’action catholique, son organisation dans l’Eglise, Université Laval (Québec, Canada, 1949) = pp.


Alphonsus Thomas (= priest, 1920-), The juridic effect of doubtful cessation of law according to the Code of Canon Law, Université Laval (Québec, Canada, 1948) 110 pp. ▪ Review by E. Roelker, The Jurist 11 (1951) 163-164.


James Granville (Canadian priest, =), Moral personality in canon law and in the law of Canada, Université Laval (Québec, Canada, 1948) = pp.


Jean-Baptiste Georges (Haitian priest, 1919-), La vocation sacerdotale en droit ecclésiastique, Université Laval (Québec, Canada, 1948) 130 pp.


Joseph Gallagher (= priest, 1919-), The celebration of Mass outside of churches and oratories, Université Laval (Québec, Canada) 1948) 158 pp.


Donald Duffie (= Basilian, =-1989), Comparative marriage law in the Catholic Church and the Provinces of Canada (Québec excepted), Université Laval (Québec, Canada, 1948) = pp.


Charles Desorcy (= priest, =), L’Eglise et les non-catholiques: notions, fonctions juridiques, histoire et commentaire canonique, Université Laval (Québec, Canada, 1948) = pp.


Georges Auger (= Viatorian, =), Le bénéfice curial ou la formule canonique du droit des clercs de “vivre à l’autel”, Université Laval (Québec, Canada, 1948) = pp.


Jacques Desparts (Canadian religious, 1915-2004), Le supérieur ecclésiastique et le supérieur religeux en territoire de mission, Université Laval (Québec, Canada, 1947) = pp.


Ramon Ortiz (Brazilian priest, 1902-), A açao catholica no direito eclesiastico, Université Laval (Québec, Canada, 1947) 104 pp.


Harry Trower (American priest, =), The actuary in ecclesiastical judicial procedure, Université Laval (Québec, Canada, 1947) = pp.


Jean-Marie Connolly (=, =), L’intention requise chez les adultes pour la réception du baptême, (Tremblay et Dion, Québec, 1946) = pp.


Lucien Sylvestre (= priest, 1917-1969), Le cathédratique: histoire, commentaire canonique et législation canadienne, Université Laval (Québec, Canada, 1946) 175 pp.


Gérard Couture= (=, =), Les conditions juridiques des prêtres ordonnés au titre de service du diocèse, Université Laval (Québec, Canada, =) = pp.


René Adam (=, =), Le pouvoir coercitif de l’évêque, Université Laval (Québec, Canada, 1945) 154 pp.


Louis-Eugène Belanger (= priest, 1909-), Le status canonique des ukrainiens catholiques du rit grec-ruthène au Canada, Université Laval (Québec, Canada, 1945) 111 pp.


René Bounadere (= priest, 1915-1966), Aperçu historique des petits séminaires de la province de Québec, Université Laval (Québec, Canada, 1945) 55 pp.


Bertrand Peletier (=, =), La dispense des interpellations en pays de mission, Université Laval (Québec, Canada, 1945) 178 pp.


Edoard Gagnon (Canadian priest,1918-2007), La censure des livres, Université Laval (Québec, Canada, 1944) 223 pp. ▪ Review by F. Della Rocca, Ephemerides Iuris Canonici 4 (1948) 600. / Biograph.


Macel Gerin (= priest, 1913-), Le gouvernement des missions, Université Laval (Québec, Canada, 1944) 255 pp.


Roméo Lemelin (Canadian =, 1914-), Le droit qui regit l’état des personnes dans la province civil de Québec, Imprimerie Franciscaine Missionaire (Québec, Canada, 1944) = pp.


Gédéon Petit (= priest, 1911-), La part paroissiale ou quarte funéraire, Université Laval (Québec, Canada, 1944) 218 pp.


Roland Tremblay (= priest, 1917-), Pouvoirs de dispenser des empêchements matrimoniaux en pays de mission, Université Laval (Québec, Canada, 1943) 150 pp.


Vivalde Masse (Canadian religious, =), Les paroisses religieuses, Université Laval (Québec, Canada, 1943) = pp.


Jean Rondeau (= religious, =), Les pouvoirs de l’Eglise, Université Laval (Québec, Canada, 1943) = pp.


Georges Van Belleghem (Canadian Jesuit, =), L’usage illicite des connaissances acquises en confession, Université Laval (Québec, Canada, 1942) = pp.


Raynaldus Comtois (=, =), De executione sentenitae, Université Laval (Québec, Canada, 1941) = pp.


Laval Licentiate Theses


No licentiate theses from Laval University have been located.






Université de Strasbourg

Institut de Droit Canonique


26 dissertations 1924 through 1969
























































































Last updated: 23 June 2017, pm


Notes: =


Sources: Revue des Science Religiueses 43 (1969) 323-325, on-line here.


Doctoral Dissertations


Henaff Henri (=, =), Les ‘Conservatores apostolici’ dans le droit classique de l'Eglise, depuis le pontificat d'Innocent III (1198-1216) jusqu'au concile de Vienne (1311-1312), (Univ. Strasbourg diss. 1969) = pp.


Maurice Joly (=, =), Le cardinal de Bissy, évêque de Meaux (1704-1737), successeur de Bossuet, (Univ. Strasbourg diss. 1965) = pp.


Giovanni Maria Cherchi (=, =), Personnalité juridique internationale de l'Eglise catholique, (Univ. Strasbourg diss. 1964) = pp.


Georges Mahfoud (=, =), L'organisation monastique dans l'Eglise maronite. Etude historique, (Univ. Strasbourg diss. 1963) 393 pp. ▪ Review by R. Metz, Revue des Science Religiueses 42 (1968) 180-182, on-line here.


Albert Muller (=, =), Les cures royales en Alsace sous l'ancien régime (1684-1789), (Univ. Strasbourg diss. 1962) = pp.


Hubert Blond (=, =), L'évolution de la diplomatie pontificale d'après les récents concordats (1918-1957), (Univ. Strasbourg diss. 1959) 360 pp.


André Schaer (=, =), L'organisation ecclésiastique et la pratique religieuse dans le chapitre rural ‘Ultra Colles Ottonis’ en Haute Alsace sous l'ancien régime (1648-1789), (Univ. Strasbourg diss. 1959) 244 pp. ▪ Review by R. Metz, Revue des Science Religiueses 42 (1968) 368-369, on-line here.


Germaine Capelle (= laywoman, =), Le vœu d'obéissance, des origines au XIIe siècle, (Univ. Strasbourg diss. 1957) 261 pp. ▪ Review by R. Metz, Revue des Science Religiueses 35 (1961) 429-431 on-line here.


Paul Oliger (= Franciscan, =), La condition juridique des évêques réguliers, des origines à la fin du moyen âge, (Univ. Strasbourg diss. 1955) 211 pp. ▪ Review by R. Metz, Revue des Science Religiueses 35 (1961) 71-72, on-line here.


Aghnatios Matar (=, =), Les ordinations et la discipline du clergé chez les Maronites, (Univ. Strasbourg diss. 1954) = pp.


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Jean-Marie Aubert (=, =), Le Droit romain dans l'œuvre de saint Thomas, (Univ. Strasbourg diss. 1951) 164 pp. ▪ Review by J. Dénoyez, Revue des Science Religiueses 29 (1955) 300-303, on-line here.


Antoine Guth (=, =), Le don gratuit du clergé d'Alsace sous l'ancien régime, (Univ. Strasbourg diss. 1951) = pp. ▪ Review by G. Lepointe, Revue d'histoire de l'Église de France 47 (1961) 292-296, on-line here.


Jean Bernhard (Alsatian priest, 1914-2006), La notion de la ‘Sanatio in radice’ dans le droit canonique moderne et contemporain, (Univ. Strasbourg diss. 1948) = pp. ▪ On the place of Bernhard in canonistics, see J. Werkmeister, Revue de Droit Canonique 55 (2005) 225-234, on-line here.


René Metz (=, =), La monarchie française et la provision des bénéfices ecclésiastiques en Alsace, de la paix de Westphalie à la fin de l'ancien régime, (Univ. Strasbourg diss. 1946) iv-435 pp. ▪ Review by C. Laplatte, Revue d'histoire de l'Église de France 34 (1948) 136-138, on-line here.


Klemente Pascalef (Bulgarian Byzantine, =), Le mariage devant les tribunaux de l'Eglise bulgare orthodoxe, (Univ. Strasbourg diss. 1935) = pp. ▪ Review by R. Janin, Échos d'Orient 34 (1935) 127, on-line here.


Terrence McLaughlin (=, =), Le très ancien droit monastique de l'Occident, (Univ. Strasbourg diss. 1935) ix-273 pp. ▪ Review by G. Le Bras, Revue des Science Religiueses 16 (1936) 395-396, on-line here.


Jean Burcklé (=, =), Les chapitres ruraux des anciens évêchés de Strasbourg et de Bale, (Univ. Strasbourg diss. 1935) 396 pp. ▪ Review by E. de Moreau, Revue belge de philologie et d'histoire 18 (1939) 596-601, on-line here.


Evariste Debicki (=, =), Le synode diocésain en Pologne des origines jusqu'au concile de Trente, (Univ. Strasbourg diss. 1934) 323 pp.


Joseph Luczak (Polish priest, =), La résidence des évêques dans la législation canonique avant le concile de Trente, (Univ. Strasbourg diss. 1931) = pp.


Frank De Landes de saint-palais d'Aussac (=, =), Le droit de dépouille, (Univ. Strasbourg diss. 1930) 243 pp. ▪ Review by E. Durtelle de Saint Sauveur, Revue d'histoire de l'Église de France 17 (1931) 489-490, on-line here.


Ladislas Kulczycki (=, =), L'organisation de l'Eglise de Pologne avant le XIIe siècle, d'après les résultats acquis par la science polonaise, (Univ. Strasbourg diss. 1928) 254 pp.


Joseph Sznuro (=, =), Les origines du droit d'alternative bénéficiale, (Univ. Strasbourg diss. 1924) 77 pp. ▪ Review by E. Campeaux, Revue des Science Religiueses 6 (1926) 152-155, on-line here.


Etienne Grelewski (Polish priest, 1899-1941), La réaction contre les ordalies en France depuis le IXe siècle jusqu'au Décret de Gratien, (Univ. Strasbourg diss. 1924) = pp. ▪ Biograph.


Bruno Halla (Polish priest, 1900-1979), L'alternative en France du XVe à la fin du XVIIe siècle, (Univ. Strasbourg Mémoire de Diplôme, 1924) = pp. ▪ Biograph (Polish) at p. 152, n. 24.


Edward Van Bleeicq (=, =), Etude sur le pénitentiel de Cumméan, (Univ. Strasbourg Mémoire de Diplôme, 1924) = pp.



Licentiate Theses


No licentiate theses from the University Strasbourg have been located.







Universidad Cathólica Argentina (Buenos Aires)

 Faculdad de Derecho Canónico


20 dissertations from 1997 through 2016


Cath. Univ.













Cath. Univ.














Cath. Univ.














Cath. Univ.














Cath. Univ.














Cath. Univ.


Last update: 21 iun 2017, pm.


Notes: =


Sources include: UCA Tesis Doctorales, here; UCA Tesinas de Licentiatura, here.


UCA Doctoral Dissertations


 • Juan Lisandro Scarabino (Argentine priest, 1981-), Las asociaciones internacionales de fieles (laicos). El derecho del fiel a asociarse y el derecho propio estatutario (Cath. Univ. Argentina diss. 20, 2016) 326 pp.


Jose Tapajos Viveiros (= priest, =), A inseguranca juridica dos oficios laicais (Cath. Univ. Argentina diss. 19, 2014) = pp.


Javier González Grenón (= priest, =), La evolución del sostenimiento del clero del CIC ´17 al CIC ´83, (Cath. Univ. Argentina diss. 18, 2014). = pp.


Martín Aversano (Argentine priest, =), Teología de la Fe en el Código de Derecho Canónico. Análisis de 55 cánones con la perspectiva epistemológica de T.I.Jimenez Urresti, (Cath. Univ. Argentina diss. 17, = ) = pp.


José García (= priest, =), Fundamentos para una laicidad integrada, (Cath. Univ. Argentina diss. 16, 2013) = pp.


Jorge Di Nicco (= layman, =), El ecónomo diocesano. Precisiones acerca de este oficio eclesiástico. Propuesta sobre el parágrafo tercero del canon 494’, (Cath. Univ. Argentina diss. 15, 2012) = pp.


Sebastián Terráneo (= priest, =), La recepción de la tradición conciliar limense en los decretos del III Concilio Provincial Mexicano, (Cath. Univ. Argentina diss. 14, 2010) = pp.


Fernando Jesús González (= layman, =), Elementos de Derecho Canónico Indiano en la obra inédita de Fray Antonio Comajuncosa ‘El comisario prefecto de misiones instruido’, (Cath. Univ. Argentina diss. 13, 2010, ISBN 978-987-656-171-6) 415 pp.


José Manuel Fernández (= priest, =), El sistema electivo del Romano Pontífice, origen de su autoridad suprema en el ordenamiento jurídico actual, (Cath. Univ. Argentina diss. 12, 2009) = pp.


Esteban Pablo Alfón (= priest, =), Régimen jurídico de la preparación del sacramento del matrimonio, (Cath. Univ. Argentina diss. 11, 2009) = pp.


 • Carlos Olguin Reguera (Argentine priest, 1960), El abandono de la Iglesia católica por acto formal: consecuencias canónico pastorales, (Cath. Univ. Argentina diss. 10, 2008) 480 pp.


Mauricio A. Landra (= priest, =), La aplicación del Principio de subsidiariedad como un criterio de buen gobierno del Obispo diocesano, (Cath. Univ. Argentina diss. 9, 2007) = pp.


 • Gabriel Gonzalez Merlano (Uruguayan priest, 1966-), El trastorno narcisista de la personalidad como causa de nulidad matrimonial, en la Doctrina y en la jurisprudencia de la Rota Romana, (Cath. Univ. Argentina diss. 8, 2005) 202 pp.


Ariel David Busso (= religious, =), O superior religioso segundo o can. 619 do CIC à luz des la Rega de Sao Benito,(Cath. Univ. Argentina diss. 7, 2004) = pp.


Clairton Alexandrino Oliveira (Brazilian priest, =), A experiencia sinodal brasileira, (Cath. Univ. Argentina diss. 6, 2003) 270 pp.


Thereza Benedetto (= religious, =), Formaçao permanente no direito próprio de Instituto das Irmas Missionárias de Sao Carlos Borromoeo – Scalabrinianas, (Cath. Univ. Argentina diss. 5, 2001) = pp.


Ana Lía Bercaitz de Boggiano (= laywoman, =), La misericordia como principio jurídico del derecho canónico, (Cath. Univ. Argentina diss. 4, 2000) = pp.


Carlos Baccioli (= priest, =), Los aportes de las ciencias psicológicas (psicología, psicopatología, psiquiatría) a la aclaración de algunos aspectos del c. 1095, 3°, (Cath. Univ. Argentina diss. 3, 2000) = pp.


Mariano Castex (Argentine layman, 1932-), El concepto de “passio” en el derecho penal canónico, (Cath. Univ. Argentina diss. 2, 1999) = pp.


Freddy Martínez Aguilar (= priest, =), El Consejo Diocesano y el Ecónomo Diocesano en el derecho particular diocesano del Cono Sur de América Latina, (Cath. Univ. Argentina diss. 1, 1997) = pp.


UCA Licentiate Theses






Catholic University of Eastern Africa (Nairobi)


2 dissertations from 1995 through 2013



















Last update: 25 iun 2017, pm.


Notes: =


Sources: All dissertations were located on-line.



CUEA Doctoral Dissertations


Nakato Noelina (Ugandan religious, 1963-), The challenges posed by Canon 1286 on Church employers: A perspective on some Religious Institutes in Uganda in relation to domestic workers, (CUEA diss. 2013) = pp. Biograph.


Dieudonné Ngona Mugharua (Congolese priest, 1957-), Small Christian Communities (SCCs) as Sources of Renewal for Parish Life: A Theological-Canonical Approach, (CUEA diss. =), excerpted as =, (St. Joseph the Worker, 1995) 263 pp. ▪ Biograph.



CUEA Licentiate Theses













Universidad Pontificia de México (Mexico City)



dissertations from



 Pont. Univ.














Pont. Univ.



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Doctoral Dissertations


Licentiate Theses






Ponitificia Universitas Lateranensis (Rome, Italy)







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Doctoral Dissertations


Licentiate Theses




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Doctoral Dissertations


Licentiate Theses





Université de Strasbourg

Institut de Droit Canonique


26 dissertations 1924 through 1969




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Sources: Revue des Science Religiueses 43 (1969) 323-325, on-line here.


Doctoral Dissertations


Licentiate Theses





Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (Bogotá)

 Facultad de Derecho Canónico 











Doctoral Dissertations


Licentiate Theses









Doctoral Dissertations


Licentiate Theses








Total Dissertations

per Quinquennium

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CUA's Dissertation

list is here.




Varghese Koluthara (Indian religious, =), Rightful Autonomy of religious institutes, a comparative study based on the Code of Canons of the Oreitnal Churches and the Code of Canon Law, (Dharmaran, 1994) xxxvii-192 pp. ▪ Review by R. McDermott, The Jurist 55 (1995) 444-445.


= Garrett Roche, The Poor in the Code of Canon Law greg? 1993, exceprts iv-186, ▪ Review by R Flinn The Jurist 55 (1995) 469-471.


= Sabine Demel (=,=), Kirchliche Trauung: Unerlassliche Pflicht für die Ehe des Katholischen Christen? (C. U. Eichstätt diss., 1992) 350 pp. ▪ Review by R. Kress, The Jurist 55 (1995) 359-360.


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