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Pan-Textual Commentaries on the 1917 Code




The works listed here figure among the most important pan-textual commentaries on the 1917 Code. The contributors to these works would be considered "approved authors" and/or "learned persons" for purposes of Canons 18 and 20 and for other research




Serious canonical research always entails awareness of the opinions of the major commentators on the canon(s) in question.



The great majority of pan-textual Pio-Benedictine commentaries were written by—as incredible as it might seem to us today—individual scholars (e.g., Dom Augustine or Woywod) or by pairs of scholars who are treated as a single author, e.g., Abbo & Hannan or Vermeersch & Creusen. Some of these works contain the 1917 Code itself, others don't. Many of these works underwent frequent, sometimes trivial, revisions that makes their citation today cumbersome. Indeed, many "sets" of these multi-volume works actually consist of volumes from different editions. Mitigating the confusion, though, is the fact that many works were divided into "paragraphs" or "sections" (the text-marker term was never clear) and usually these numbers remained consistent from edition to edition even when pagination and commentary changed. If such numbers are offered, one should cite them as well as the page number and edition for the benefit of researchers who must use different editions of the work. Note that some of these commentaries (e.g., Ojetti or Toso) were not completed and that others were bound in more volumes than they were written in (e.g. Blat or Wernz-Vidal). Finally, because most of these works bore similar, often identical titles, they are usually known today by the names of their authors, as in, "Have you looked in Wernz & Vidal?" rather than "Have you looked in the commentary?"




















Udalricus Beste (American Benedictine, 1885-1976), Introductio in Codicem [1938], (M. D'Auria Pontificius, 5th ed., 1961). ▪ Reviews: G. Osterle, Ius Pontificium 19 (1939) 109-110 (of first edition); E. Roelker, The Jurist 5 (1945) 309 (of the second edition); E. Roelker, The Jurist 17 (1957) 117-118 (on the fourth edition); J. R. Schmidt, The Jurist 22 (1962) 484-486 (on the fifth edition).


Albertus Blat (Italian Dominican, 1870-1943), Commentarium Textus Codicis Iuris Canonici, in 5 vols., (Libreria del Collegio Angelico, 1921-1922).


Felix Cappello (Roman Jesuit, 1879-1962), Summa Iuris Canonici, in 3 vols., (Gregorianum, =). ▪ On the place of Cappello in canonistics, see e.g., Lawrence Wrenn, "In diebus illis: Some canonical giants in days of yore", Studia Canonica 35 (2001) 485-514, at 512-514. =


F. Claeys Bouuaert (Belgian priest, =) & G. Simenon (Belgian priest, =), Manuale Juris Canonici [1939], in 3 vols., (Proastat apud Auctores in Seminariis Gandavensi et Leodiensi, various editions and years).


Mattheus Conte a Coronata (Italian Capuchin, 1889-1961), Compendium Iuris Canonci ad usum scholarum, in 3 vols., (Marietti, =).


Mattheus Conte a Coronata (Italian Capuchin,1889-1961), Institutiones Iuris Canonici, in 5 vols., (Marietti, =).


Guidus Cocchi (Italian Vincentian, 1880-1966), Commentarium in Codicem Iuris Canonici, in 8 vols., various editions and years beginning in 1920, (Marietti, 1928-1932).


Bl. Ioannes Ferreres Boluda (Spanish Jesuit, 1861-1936), Institutiones Canonicae iuxta novissimum Codicem … iuxtaque praescripta Hispanae disciplinae et Americae Latinae, in 2 vols., (Eugenius Subirana, 2nd ed., 1920). Biograph.


Heriberto Jone (German Capuchin, 1885-1967), Commentarium in Codicem Iuris Canonici, in 3 vols., (Officina Libraria F. Schönigh, 1950-1955).


Dominicus Prümmer (German Dominican, 1866-1931), Manuale Iuris Ecclesiastici [1909], (Herder, 6th ed., 1933) 756 pp.


Jean-Baptiste Raus (French Redemptorist, 1881-≈), Institutiones Canonicae in forma compendii (Emmanuelis Vitte, 1923) = pp.


Eduardo Regatillo (Spanish Jesuit, 1882-1975), Institutiones Iuris Canonici [1941-1942], in 2 vols., (Sal Terrae, 6th ed., 1961).


Sylvius Romani (=), Institutiones Juris Canonici, in 3 vols., [1941], (Editrice Iustitia, 1944).


Sylvius Romani (=), Summa Iuris Canonci Lineamenta (Schola Typographica Missionaria Dominicana, 1939) 328 pp.


Stephanus Sipos (Hungarian priest, 1875-1949), Enchiridion Iuris Canonici [1926], rev. by L. Gálos, (Orbis Catholicus-Herder, 6th ed., 1954) 913 pp. ▪ Reviews: E. Roelker, The Jurist 15 (1955) 109-110; 'gc', Ephemerides Iuris Canonici 11 (1955) 494. On the place of Sipos in canonistics, see Anon., "In Memoriam", in Sipos, Enchirdion, vii-viii. Biograph.


Arturus Vermeersch (Belgian Jesuit, 1858-1936) & Josephus Creusen (Belgian Jesuit, 1880-1960), Epitome Iuris Canonici cum Commentariis, in 3 vols. [1922-1925], (Dessain, 4th ed., 1930-1931). For more information on Vermeersch, see Joseph Creusen (Belgian Jesuit, 1880-1960), Le Pére Arthur Vermeersch, S.J., L’homme et l’oeuvre (Desclée, 1947) 222 pp.


Franciscus Wernz (German Jesuit, 1842-1914) & Petrus Vidal (Catalan Jesuit, 1867-1938), Jus Canonicum ad Codicis Normam Exactum, in 7 vols., variously bound, in up to three editions, later editions edited by P. Aguirre and F. Cappello (Gregorianum, 1924-1949). This work is a posthumous revision by Vidal of Wernz’s magisterial Ius Decretalium in light of the 1917 Code. On the place of Wernz in canonistsics, see, e. g., R. Naz, “Wernz, François-Xavier”, DDC VII: 1636-1638, and D. Oesterle, “In piam Francisci Wernz S. I. memoriam”, Gregorianum 24 (1943) 9-22.




Cabreros de Anta

There are two Spanish-language, pan-textual commentaries on Pio-Benedictine law. Both provide the Latin text of the law with a facing Castilian translation and then, below or immediately following the law, canon-by-canon comments. Some commentators in one volume commented on the same canons in the other volume.


 • aa.vv., Código de Derecho Canónico y Legislación Complementaria: Texto bilingüe y comentado por professors de la Pontificia Universidad de Salamanca [1945], (Biblioteca de Autores Cristianos, 3rd ed., 1949) 1067 pp. ▪ Three canonists contributed commentary as follows: Marcelino Cabreros de Anta (Spanish Claretian, 1901-1995), Biograph, cc. 1-270, 1552-1924, 1999-2141; Lorenzo Miguélez Domínguez (Spanish priest, ≈) cc. 726-1153, 1925-1998, 2142-2414; and Sabino Alonso Morán (Spanish Dominican, ≈) cc. 271-725, 1154-1551.


 • aa.vv., Comentarios al Código de Derecho Canónico con el texto legal latino y castellano, in 4 vols., (Biblioteca de Autores Cristianos, 1963-1964). ▪ Five canonists contributed commentary as follows: Arturo Alonso Lobo (Spanish Dominican, ≈), cc. 87-328, 682-947; Sabino Alonso Morán (Spanish Dominican, ≈), cc. 329-681, 1154-1551; Marcelino Cabreros de Anta (Spanish Claretian, 1901-1995), Biograph, cc. 1-86, 1552-1998; Tomas Garcia Barberena (Spanish layman, ≈), cc. 1999-2414; Lorenzo Miguélez Domínguez (Spanish priest, ≈), cc. 948-1153.




Dom Augustine




John Abbo (Italian priest, 1911-1994) and Jerome Hannan (American prelate, 1896-1965), The Sacred Canons: A Concise Presentation of the Current Disciplinary Norms of the Church, in 2 vols. (Herder, 1952). Review: F. McManus, The Jurist 21 (1961) 281-282 (on the second revised edition of 1960). Discussion of Book IV, and even more so V, is quite abbreviated.


Dom Augustine (Charles Bachofen, Swiss/American Benedictine, 1872-1944), A Commentary on the New Code of Canon Law, in 8 vols. (Herder, 1918-1922). On the place of Dom Augustine in canonistics, see Lawrence Wrenn, "Charles Augustine, O.S.B., excepts from a journal", The Jurist 45 (1985) 297-320. Comment: The honorific "Dom" avoids jarring references simply to "Augustine" or one could simply refer to Bachofen.


Lincoln Bouscaren (American Jesuit, 1884-1971) & Adam Ellis (American Jesuit, 1889-1961), Canon Law: A Text and Commentary [1946], rev. by F. Korth, (Bruce, 4th ed., 1966) 1011 pp. Review: E. Roelker, The Jurist 7 (1947) 247-248 (of the first edition).


Matthew Ramstein (American Conventual, 1897-1955), A Manual of Canon Law [1947] (Terminal Printing, 2d ed., 1948) 768 pp. Review: E. Roelker, The Jurist 8 (1948) 272-273.


Fernando della Rocca (), Manual of Canon Law, (Bruce, 1958) 624 pp., A. Thatcher trans. of della Rocca's =. Review: R. O'Brien, The Jurist 20 (1960) 232-234.


Stanislaus Woywod (German/American Franciscan, 1880-1941), A Practical Commentary on the Code of Canon Law [1925], in 2 vols., rev. by C. Smith (Wagner/Herder, 1957).





Adrien Cance (French Sulpician, ), Le Code de Droit Canonique, in 4 vols., (Gabalda, various editions and years).


Francisque Cimetier (French Sulpician, 1888-1946), Pour étudier le Code de Droit Canonique [1927], 3rd ed., (Libraire Lecoffre, 1927/1933) with Supplement.


Joseph Pie Mothon (French Dominican, ≈), Institutions Canoniques, in 3 vols., (Descleé, 1924).


R. Naz, ed., Traité de Droit Canonique, in 4 vols., [1948-1949], (Letouzey et Ané, rev. ed., 1954). Review: C. Lefebvre, Ephemerides Iuris Canonici 4 (1948) 594-596.







 • Eduard Eichmann (German priest, 1870-1946), Lehrbuch des Kirchenrechts auf Grund des Codex Iuris Canonici, in 3 vols., [1923] rev. by. K. Mörsdorf, (Verlag Ferdinand Schöningh, 9th ed., 1958-1960).   Biograph.


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