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11 may 2016

Intensive Summer Programs for Reading Romance Theological Languages



Hac in schola omnes sumus condiscipuli.

Students possessing a solid foundation in Ecclesiastical Latin can, I believe, by building on the grammatical insights and vocabulary learned from Latin, acquire the ability to read theological materials (e.g., magisterial documents, scholarly writings) in Italian, Spanish, or French with just four to six weeks of focused independent study and intensive discussion/reading sessions. Each summer I plan to offer up to three serious students a four-to-six week program in a Romance theological language. There is no charge to participate in these programs and most study materials are available free on-line.



 2015: French

Six weeks: June 5 to July 10

Meet: Tuesdays / Fridays

2016: n.a.


2017: t.b.d.




To be clear, these are not 'crash courses' in French, Spanish, or Italian, but rather, are intensive programs to enable English speakers with a solid foundation in Latin to read, with dictionary support, theological materials in French, Spanish, or Italian.


Eligibility & Commitment



Program participants must have at least four semesters of college-level Latin grammar/syntax and be able to demonstrate a current command of Latin commensurate with such study. We will draw on Latin concepts extensively in these programs.


While I do not charge for participation in these programs, my time is valuable and my "compensation" comes from seeing students succeed. Therefore, participants who do not promise and demonstrate a strong commitment to study will not be admitted or allowed to continue. Upon completion of the program, I can provide a written description and acknowledgement of completion.



During the program, students should expect to put in about three hours per day on guided, independent study, preferably spreading their studies throughout the day. Group meetings are held twice-weekly and run about two-and-a-half hours. Advance, preparatory work is always a good idea, of course, and I can make suggestions regarding same, but it is not required for participation.



Immersion among native speakers of a foreign language takes a student beyond simply being able to translate foreign academic texts into his or her native language and allows one to enter the original thinking of the writer. Therefore an immediate immersion experience is strongly encouraged for participants in these reading programs. Suggestions are available from Dr. Peters.