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Topical Commentaries on the 1983 Code

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Pan-textual Commentaries on

the 1983 Code


After perusing available pan-textual commentaries on Johanno-Pauline law, canonical researchers frequently turn to topical commentaries for further information. A comprehensive listing of such works is not possible here, but the following works rank among the more important topical commentaries on the 1983 Code. They are arranged according to the sequence of topics treated in the Code and then alphabetically by author.


Book I


Canons 1- 203



Book II

People of God

Canons 204-746



J. Hite, et al., A Handbook on Canons 573-746 (Liturgical Press, 1985) 400 pp.


Canons 511-514

Roch Pagé, The Diocesan Pastoral Council, trans., B. Prince (Newman 1970) 170 pp. Review: J. Hayden, The Jurist 32 (1972) 148-150.


Book III

Teaching Office

Canons 747-833




Book IV

Sanctifying Office

Canons 834-1253





Holy Order

Canons 1008-1054


William Woestman (Oblate Mary Immac., 1929- ), The Sacrament of Orders and the Clerical State: A Commentary on the Code of Canon Law [1999], 2nd ed., (St. Paul University, 2001) 448 pp.


Canons 1055-165

Ignatius Gramunt (1932-), Javier Hervada (b.1934), and LeRoy Wauck, Canons and Commentaries on Marriage (Liturgical Press, 1987) 198 pp.


John McAreavey, The Canon Law of Marriage and the Family (Four Courts, 1997) 254 pp. Reviews: J. Beal, The Jurist 57 (1997) 606-607, and L. Robitaille, Studia Canonica 32 (1998) 557-559.


Ladislas Örsy (Hungarian Jesuit, 1921-), Marriage in Canon Law (Glazier, 1986) 328 pp. Reviews: M. Thériault, Studia Canonica 20 (1986) 467-469.


Geoffrey Robinson, Marriage, Divorce, and Nullity: A Guide to the Annulment Process in the Catholic Church (Novalis/Liturgical Press, 1984) 104 pp.


William Woestman (Oblate Mary Immac., 1929- ), Special Marriage Cases (St. Paul University, 1990) 237 pp. Review: J. Parizek, The Jurist 54 (1994) 784-787.


Lawrence Wrenn (American priest, 1928-), The Invalid Marriage (Canon Law Society of America, 1998) 238 pp.


Book V

Temporal Goods

Canons 1254-1310



Book VI


Canons 1311-1399





Alphonse Borras (Belgian priest, b. 1951), Les Sanctions dans L'Église (Tardy, 1990) 236 pp. Review: E. Peters, The Jurist 55 (1995) 952-954.


Antonio Calabrese, Diritto Penale Canonico (Edizioni Paoline, 1990) 318 pp. Reviews: E. Peters, The Jurist 55 (1995) 952-954, and M. O'Reilly, Studia Canonica 31 (1997) 523-524.


Velasio de Paolis (Italian prelate, b. 1935), De Sanctionibus in Ecclesia: Adnotationes in Codicem, Liber VI, (Gregoriana, 1986) 133 pp. Review: E. Peters, The Jurist 55 (1995) 952-954.


William Woestman (American Oblate Mary Immac., b. 1929), Ecclesiastical Sanctions and the Penal Process (St. Paul’s University, 2000) 290 pp.



Canon 1331

Alphonse Borras (Belgian priest, b. 1951), L'Excommunication dans le nouveau code de droit canonique (Desclée, 1990) 350 pp.


Penal Procedure

Canons 1341-1353, & 1717-1731


Z. Suchecki, ed., Il Processo Penale Canonico (Lateran University, 2003) 455 pp.



Book VII


Canons 1400-1752



Canon 1404

William Woestman, ed., Canonization: theology, history, process (St. Paul University, 2002) 383 pp. Reviews: G. Nedungatt, Studia Canonica 37 (2003) 248-251; F. Easton, The Jurist 63 (2003) 208-209.


















Conn, sj








Morrisey, omi












Örsy, sj









National Conference of Catholic Bishops, A Manual for Bishops: Rights and Responsibilities of Diocesan Bishops in the Revised Code of Canon Law, rev. ed., (NCCB, 1992) 84 pp.

Francesco D’Ostilio, Prontuario del Codice di Diritto Canonico (Urbaniana, 2011) 501 pp.


Significant reference works on the Johanno-Pauline Code


Salvador-Embil, Diccionario • C. Corral Salvador and J. Urteaga Embil, eds., Diccionario de Derecho Canonico (Universidad Pontificia Comillas, 1989) 693 pp. Reviews: L. Örsy, The Jurist 49 (1989) 723-725; D. Le Tourneau, Studia Canonica 24 (1990) 252-254.


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Haering-Schmitz, Lexikon • S. Haering and H. Schmitz, Lexikon des Kirchenrechts (Herder, 2004) = pp. Review: T. Green, The Jurist 67 (2007) 539-540.




Werckmeister, Dictionnaire • Jean Werckmeister, Petit Dictionnaire de Droit Canonique (Cerf, 2010) 235 pp.