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Canon Law Canonistics

This page is no longer maintained. Please see Ulrich Rhodes's website instead.

Canon Law Faculties

The following institutions are currently accredited by the Holy See to grant graduate degrees in canon law. (English names and mailing addresses are acceptable by international postal services.) Additional information on canonical faculties, institutes, and chairs is available from Rev. Ulrich Rhode, SJ.

Pont. Gregorian University

Department of Canon Law

Piazza della Pilotta, 4

00187 Rome, ITALY

Pont Lateran University

Department of Canon Law

00120 Vatican City State


Pont. University Urbaniana

Department of Canon Law

Via Urbano VIII, 16

00165 Rome, ITALY

See also: St. Peter's Pontifical Institute

Pont. Univ. of St. Tho. Aquinas

Department of Canon Law

Largo Angelicum, 1

00184 Roma, ITALY

Pont. Salesian University

Department of Canon Law

Piazza dell’Ateneo Salesiano, 1

00139 Rome, ITALY

Pont. Atheneum Antonianum

Department of Canon Law

Via Merulana, 124

00185 Roma, ITALY

Pont. Athen. of the Holy Cross

Department of Canon Law

Piazza di S. Apollinare, 49

00186 Rome, ITALY


Affiliated with:

Instituto di Diritto Canonico San Pio X

Dorsoduro, 1
30123 Venezia8


tel +39-(0)41-274.39.11

fax +39-(0)41-274.39.98


Pont. Cath. Univ. of Buenos Aires

Dept. de Derecho Canonico

Av. Alicia Moreau de Justo 1400

1107 Buenos Aires ARGENTINA






Pont. Universidad de Salamanca

Dept. de Derecho Canonico

Compania 5

37002 Salamanca o Apartado 541


Catholic University of Louvain

Grand-Place 45, B-1348



tel +32-10-473604; fax 32-10-478740;


(Not currently awarding degrees in canon law.)



Instituto Superior Autonomo de

Derecho Canonico

Victoria # 98, col. Tlalpan, 

CP 14000 México D.F.



Catholic University of Leuven

Tiensestraat 41




telephone 32-16-325321; fax 32-16-325157; email 


Katolicki Uniwersytet Lubelski

Department of Canon Law

Aleje Raclawickie 14

Skr. poczt. 129,

20-950 Lublin POLAND

Facultes Catholiques de Lyon

Dept. de Droit Canonique

25 Rue de Plat

69288 LYON CEDEX 02


Pont. Universidad "Comillas"

Dept. de Derecho Canonico

Campus de Cantoblanco

28049 Madrid SPAIN

Pont. University of Santo Tomas

Department of Canon Law

Espana Street


St. Patrick’s College

Dept. of Canon Law/Theology

University Maynooth

Co. Kildare, IRELAND  

(Not currently awarding degrees in canon law.)

Saint Paul University

Canon Law/Droit Canonique

223 Rue Main

Ottawa, Ontario


Universidad de Navarra

Dept. de Derecho Canonico

31080 Pamplona 


Institut Catholique de Paris

Dept. de Droit Canonique

21 Rue d’Assas

75270 Paris Cedex 06


Interview with a student (French)

Pont. Universidad Javeriana

Scienze Giuridiche (Derecho Canon.)

Carrera 7, no. 40-62

Apartado 56710

Santafe de Bogata, COLUMBIA  

Institut Catholique de Toulouse

Dept. de Droit Canonique

Rue de la Fonderie 31

31068 Toulouse Cedex



Akademia Teologii Katolickiej

Dept. of Canon Law

ul. Dewajtis 5

01-815 Warsaw 


Klaus-Mörsdorf-Studium für Kanonistik

Kanonistisches Institut
der Universität München
Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1
D-80539 München


Catholic University of America

School of Canon Law  

Caldwell Hall

Washington, DC 20064 


St. Peter's Pontifical Institute

61, 8th Main Road, 18th Cross

Malleswaram West

Bangalore- 560055

Karnataka State, India

Affiliated with the Urbanianum

Université Catholique d’Afrique Centrale, Institut Catholique de Yaoundé, Département Autonomies de Droit Canonique

B.P. 11628




Catholic University of Portugal

Instituto Superior de Direito Canónico

Will begin offering canon law studies in Fall 2005.


Institute of Canon Law "ad instar facultatis" of the Pázmány Péter Catholic University (Budapest) & St Athanasius Greek- Catholic Theological Institute (Nyíregyháza)

PPKE, Kánonjogi Posztgraduális Intézet
H-1088 Budapest, Szentkirályi u. 28.