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   Obviously, my reading notes mean more to me than to anyone else and reflect my own interests and criteria, but perhaps these lists and notes might save others some time.


   Language of article title (regardless of language of journal) is language of article.


   When an article from a book is cited one may generally assume that the rest of the book has been searched for relevant entries as well.


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Canon Law + Notes, Page One

Canon Law + Notes, Page Two


Notes in Canon Law, 1

Bibliographies with some annotations

ad usum scholarum


1. The Revision of Canon Law (1959-1982)

   A) Pre- and Intra-Conciliar Phase

   B) Post Conciliar Phase

   C) Post Promulgation Retrospectives

   D) Lex Ecclesiae Fundamentalis

2. Teaching Canon Law

3. The Seal of Confession

4. Canonical Form of Marriage

5. The Promoter of Justice

6. The Common  Law

7. Miscellaneous

Saint Raymond Working

St. Raymond Peñafort hard at work on his

Libri Quinque Decretalium, 1230-1234

1. The Revision of Canon Law (1959-1982) (updated 12 AUG 05)


L'Année Canonique 6-7 (1959-1960), 19-34 (1975-1991) ≠ 23, 31

CLSA Proceedings 31-44  (1969-1982)

Ephemerides Iuris Canonici 15-24 (1959-1968)

Homiletic and Pastoral Review 59-65 (1959-1965)

Louvain Studies 1-16 (1966-1991)

Revue de Droit Canonique 28-33 (1978-1983)

Studia Canonica 1-16 (1967-1982)

The Jurist 19-56 (1959-1996)



  A) Pre- and Intra-Conciliar Phase


J. Abbo, “The revision of the Code” The Jurist 20 (1960) 371-397.


M. Cabreros de Anta, “La revisión del Código de dereco canónico” Ius Canonicum 1 (1961) 384-394.


P. Lombardía, “La sistemática del Codex y su posible adaptación” Revista Español de Derecho Canónico 16 (1961) 213-237.


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R. Wesselmann, "Canon Law: criticism and reactions" Homiletic and Pastoral Review 65 (1964-1965) 641-647.

see also: Baldanza 1,2, Book VI, infra.



  B) Post-Conciliar Phase


General Studies


J. Baldanza, “La constituzione ‘De Ecclesia’ ed alcune considerazioni sullo spirito che deve animare la riforma del Codice di diritto canonico” Ephemerides Iuris Canonici 21 (1965) 158-176.


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F. Murphy & G. MacEoin, “Reform of canon law” in ibid., Synod ’67: A New Sound in Rome (Bruce, 1968) pp. 52-72.• Journalistic in style and shallow, but still interesting as a "period piece" illustrative of some currents impacting the initial years of canonical revision. 0508


CLSA, “Resolutions of the Canon Law Society of America” The Jurist 29 (1969) 26-28.


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J. Alesandro, "Law and renewal: a canon lawyer's analysis of the revised Code" CLSA Proceedings 44 (1982) 1-40.



Book I


M. Hughes, "A new title in the Code: on juridical acts" Studia Canonica 14 (1980) 391-403.


F. Morrisey, "The significance of particular law in the proposed new Code of canon law" CLSA Proceedings 43 (1981) 1-17.


R. Carlson, "Chancery issues: impediments and dispensations, validity of acts, relationships between bodies" CLSA Proceedings 44 (1982) 93-104.



Book II: Parts I, II


A. Carter, "Bishop-priest-laity relationship in the light of Vatican II" The Jurist 27 (1967) 145-162.


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J. Hedderman, "The permanent diaconate: its development and its canonical implications" CLSA Proceedings 40 (1978) 109-115. • Light on canon law, acknowledges that education of deacons is too unsystematic even for their limited roles, regards schema treatment of deacons as seriously wanting. 0508


J. Komonchak, "A new law for the People of God: some theological reflections" CLSA Proceedings 42 (1980) 14-43.


W. Varvaro, "Proposed legislation for permanent deacons: developments and difficulties" CLSA Proceedings 43 (1981) 238-253. • Good overview of 1980 Schema provisions; shows uncertainties and inconsistencies in the law; has a fair amount of practical advice on issues. 0508


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Book II, Part III: Consecrated Life


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Book IV: General


T. Green, “Sacramental law: reflections on the proposed schema: CLSA Proceedings 37 (1975) 70-83.


T. Green, "The revision of sacramental law: perspectives on the sacraments other than marriage" Studia Canonica 11 (1977) 261-327.


M. Himes, "The current state of sacramental theology as a background to the new Code" CLSA Proceedings 42 (1980) 60-77.



Book IV: Marriage


L. Wrenn, “Updating the law on marriage” The Jurist 27 (1967) 267-282.


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Book V


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Book VI


J. Baldanza, “De recognoscendo iure poenali quaestiones quaedam” Ephemerides Iuris Canonici 19 (1963) 93-104. •


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Book VII


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  C) Post-Promulgation Retrospectives


F. D’Ostilio, La storia del nuovo Codice di diritto canonico (Libreria Editrice Vaticana, 1983). Much useful technical information.


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J. Herranz, Studi sulla nuova Legislazione della Chiesa (Centro Academico Romano della Santa Crocve, 1990) 346 pp. • Reviewed: G. Ingels, The Jurist 54 (1994) 341-342.



  D) Lex Ecclesiae Fundamentalis


L. Örsy, "The creative role of constitutional law in the Church" Studia Canonica 2 (1968) 307-324.


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