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Topical Commentaries on the 1917 Code

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Pan-Textual Commentaries on

the 1917 Code

After perusing available pan-textual commentaries on Pio-Benedictine law, canonical researchers frequently turn to topical commentaries for further information. A comprehensive listing of such works is not possible here, but the following rank among the more important topical commentaries on Pio-Benedictine law. They are arranged according to the sequence of topics treated in the 1917 Code and then alphabetically by author.


Book I


Canons 1- 86



Amleto Cicognani (Italian prelate, 1883-1973), Canon Law, J. O’Hara and F. Brennan, trans., 2nd ed., (Newman Bookshop, 1934), from Cicognani’s Ius Canonicum (1925), as revised.


Gommarus Michiels (= Capuchin, 1890-1965), Normae Generales Juris Canonici [1929], 2nd ed., in 2 vols., (Desclée, 1949). Review: P. Fedele, Ephemerides Iuris Canonici 6 (1950) 103-106.




Edward Roelker (American priest, 1897-1957), Invalidating Laws (St. Anthony Guild, 1955) 197 pp. Review: J. Schmidt, The Jurist 15 (1959) 112-114.


Alphonsus Van Hove (Belgian priest, 1872-1947) De Rescriptis (Dessain, 1936) 286 pp. On the place of Van Hove in canonistics, see R. Naz, DDC VII: 1402-1403, and C. Lefebvre, Ephemerides Iuris Canonici 3 (1947) 573-575.


Book II


Canons 87-725

• Clerics

Ludovicus Fanfani (Dominican, 1876-1955) De Iure Parochorum ad Normam CodiciS Iuris Canonici [1922], 2nd ed., (Marietti, 1936) 558 pp. Review: Anon., Ius Pontificium 5 (1925) 56 (of first edition).


Dom Augustine (Charles Bachofen, Swiss/American Benedictine, 1872-1944), Rights and Duties of Ordinaries according to the Code and Apostolic Faculties (Herder, 1924) 549 pp.


S. d'Angelo (=), La Curia Diocesana a Norma del Codice di Diritto Canonico, in 2 vols., (Pietro Lisi, 1922).


Archibald Stitt (American priest, 1898-1980), De Promotore iustitiae eisuque munere in curia dioecesana, (Editione Scientifica Internazionale, 1939).


• Religious


• Laity








Book III


 Canons 726-1551

• Sacraments

Felix Cappello (Jesuit, 1879-1962), Tractatus canonico-moralis de sacramentis iuxta Codicem juris canonici [=], in 5 vols., 7th ed., (Marietti, 1962).


Eduardo Regatillo (Spanish Jesuit, 1882-1975), Ius sacramentarium [1945] , 4th ed. (Sal Terrae, 1964) =.



Joseph Bánk, Connubia Canonica (Herder, 1959).


Ioannis Chelodi (=), Ius Matrimoniale iuxta Codicem Iuris Canonici [=], 3rd ed., (Libreria Moderna Editrice, 1921) 219 pp.




Petrus Gasparri (Italian prelate, 1852-1934), Tractatus Canonicus de Matrimonio [1891] in 2 vols., 9th ed., (Typis Polyglottis Vaticanis, 1932).  While this work originated under decretal law, it was widely regarded as the premier commentary on codified matrimonial law. On the immense authority of Gasparri, see, e.g., =.


Louis Nau (=), Manual on the Marriage Laws of the Code of Canon Law (Pustet, 1933) 254 pp.


Joseph Petrovits (=), The New Church Law on Matrimony, (McVey, 1921) 458 pp.


Matthew Ramstein (Conventual, =), The Pastor and Marriage Cases [1936], 2nd ed., (Benziger, 1938) 252 pp.



• Sacred Places and Times



• Divine Cult



• Magisterium







• Benefices


• Temporal goods

G. Vromant (=), De Bonis Ecclesiae Temporalibus: ad usum utriusque cleri praesertim missionariorum [1933], 3rd ed., (Desclée de Brouwer, 1953) 329 pp.


William Doheny (American Redemptorist, 1898-1982), Practical Problems in Church Finance (Bruce, 1941) 116 pp.




Book IV


 Canons 1522-2194




Felix Cappello (Roman Jesuit, 1879-1962) Praxis Processualis ad Normam Codicis et Peculiarium Sanctae Sedis Instructionum, 2nd ed., (Marietii, 1948) 221 pp. On the place of Cappello in canonistics, see e.g., Lawrence Wrenn, "In diebus illis: Some canonical giants in days of yore", Studia Canonica 35 (2001) 485-514, at 512-514.


Matthaeus Conte a Coronata (Italian Capuchin, 1889-1961), Manuale Practicum Iuris Disciplinaris et Criminalis Regularium (Marietti, 1950) 279 pp.


Fernando Della Rocca (=), Canonical Procedure: Philosophical-Juridic Study of Book IV of the Code of Canon Law, J. Fitzgerald trans., (Bruce, 1961) 384 pp.


Stephanus Gómez (Dominican, =), De Actionibus et Exceptionibus, Canones 1667-1705 (Copisteria Coscia, 1951) 204 pp.


Michael Lega (Italian prelate, 1860-1935), Commentarius in Iudicia Ecclesiastica iuxta Codicem Iuris Canonici [1938] edited posthumously by V. Bartoccetti, in 3 vols., 2nd ed., (Anonima Libraria Cattolica Italiana, 1950).


J. Marquardt (=), The Loss of Right to Accuse a Marriage: a treatise on the final clause of c. 1971 § 1, 1°, (Officium Libri Catholici, 1951) 125 pp. Review: E. Roelker, The Jurist 13 (1953) 135-136.


Franciscus Roberti (Italian prelate, 1889-1977), De Processibus, in 2 vols., (Apollinaris, 1926). Review: E. Roelker, The Jurist 17 (1957) 113-114 (on the fourth edition, vol. 1 only).


Joannes Torre (=), Processus Matrimonialis (D'Auria, 1947) 374 pp. Review: E. Roelker, The Jurist 16 (1956) 331-332 (on the third edition).



Francis Wanenmacher (=), Canonical Evidence in Marriage Cases (Dolphin, 1935) 412 pp.


Book V


Canons 2195-2414


Henry Ayrinhac (American Sulpician,1867-1931), Penal Legislation in the New Code of Canon Law [1920], rev. by P. Lydon, (Benziger, 1944) 340 pp.


Felix Cappello (Roman Jesuit, 1879-1962), Tractatus Canonico-Moralis de Censuris iuxta Codicem Iuris Canonici [=], 4th ed., (Marietti, 1950) 476 pp. On the place of Cappello in canonistics, see e.g., Lawrence Wrenn, "In diebus illis: Some canonical giants in days of yore", Studia Canonica 35 (2001) 485-514, at 512-514.


Prosdocimi Cerato, Censurae Vigentes Ipso Facto a Codice Iuris Canonici Excerptae, 2nd ed., (Patavii, 1921) 307 pp.


Prosdocimi Cerato, De Delicto Sollicitationis (Patavii Typis Seminarii, 1922) 148 pp.


Ioannes Chelodi (Italian priest, 1882-1922), Ius Poenale et Ordo Procedendi in Iudiciis Criminalibus iuxta Codicem Iuris Canonici (Tridentum, 1920) 160 pp.


Chelodi, De Delictis • Ioannes Chelodi (Italian priest,1882-1922), Ius Canonicum de Delictis et Poenis et de Iudiciis Criminalibus [1920], 5th ed., rev. by P. Ciprotti (Societa Anonima Tipografica, 1943) = pp.


Owen Cloran (American Jesuit, 1898-=), Previews and Practical Cases: Code of Canon Law, Book Five Delicts and Penalties (Bruce, 1951) 350 pp. Review: E. Roelker, The Jurist 11 (1951) 565-566.


V. Heylen, De Censuris, 4th ed., (Dessain, 1945) 246 pp.


Ferrutius Liuzzi, De Delictis contra Auctoritates Ecclesiasticas (Cann. 2331-2340), (Officium Libri Catholici, 1942) 164 pp.


Germanus-Joseph Pellegrini, Jus Ecclesiae Poenale, in 3 vols., (D'Auria, 1962-1967). Review: J. R. Schmidt, The Jurist 23 (1963) 127-128 (on vol. 1 only), and Review: J. Risk, The Jurist 28 (1968) 508-509.


Gommarus Michiels (= Capuchin, 1890-1965), De Delictis et Poenis Commentarius Libri V Codicis Juris Canonici, in 3 vols., (Societatis S. Joannis Evangelistae, 1961). Review: J. Schmidt, The Jurist 22 (1962) 385-386. Note: Vol. 1 is actually the second edition of a 1934 version; the project was interrupted for nearly 30 years.






Lazzarato, Iurisprudentia • Damianus Lazzarato, Iurisprudentia Pontificia, (D'Auria, 1956) 1378 pp. Review: E. Roelker, The Jurist 17 (1957) 356-357.


Alt, Metholodologia • Vigilius Alt, Methodologia seu Modus Ius Canonicum Discendi, Scribendi, Docendi (Collegio S. Lorenzo da Brindisi, 1954) 184 pp.


Ayrinhac, Administrative • Henry Ayrinhac (American Sulpician, 1867-1931), Administrative Legislation in the New Code of Canon Law (Longmans, 1930).


Ayrinhac, Constitution • Henry Ayrinhac (American Sulpician, 1867-1931), Constitution of the Church in the new Code of Canon Law... Cc 215-486 (Benziger, 1930) 378 pp. Review: "Y", Ius Pontificium 5 (1925) 53.


Felix Cappello (Roman Jesuit, 1879-1962), Summa Iuris Publici Ecclesiastici ad normam Codicis iuris canonici et recentiorum S. Sedis documentorum [=], 3rd ed., (Gregorianum, 1932) 622 pp.


Ciprotti, Osservazioni • Pio Ciprotti (Italian layman, 1914-1993), Osservazioni sul Testo de “Codicis Iuris Canonici” (Typis Polyglottis Vaticanis, 1944). Review: P. Fedele, Ephemerides Iuris Canonici 1 (1945) 123-124.


Conway, Problems • William Conway (=), Problems in Canon Law: Classified Replies to Practical Questions (Newman, 1956) 345 pp. Earlier versions of most replies can be found be in The Irish Ecclesiastical Record, 1943-1956. Review: E. Roelker, The Jurist 17 (1957) 211.


Creusen, Vermeersch • Joseph Creusen (Belgian Jesuit, 1880-1960), Le Père Arthur Vermeersch, S.J. (Desclée de Brouwer, 1947) 223 pp.


O'Connor, Dispensation • James O'Connor (American Jesuit, 1910-1988), Dispensation from Irregularities to Holy Orders (West Baden College, 1952) 143 pp.


Mahoney, Problems Edward Mahoney (English priest, 1888-1954), Priests’ Problems, edited by L. McReavey, (Burns & Oates, 1958) 468 pp. Earlier versions of most replies can be found be in The Clergy Review, 1945-1954.


Alaphridus Ottaviani (Italian prelate, 1890-1979), Institutiones Iuris Publici Ecclesiastici, 2nd ed., in 2 vols., (Typis Polyglottis Vatincanis, 19351936) 510 pp. + 547 pp.


Pietrzyk, Formulary • Stanley Pietrzyk, A Practical Formulary in accordance with the Code of Canon Law (Pioneer, 1949) 268 pp.


Romita, Musicae • Fiorenzo Romita, Codex Juris Musicae Sacrae (Desclée, 1952) 31 pp.


Mochetti, Bibliographia • Guiscardus Moschetti, Bibliographia Iuris Canonici ex Ephemerides ab a. 1918 ad 1934 (Casa Editrice Libro Italiano, 1942) 335 pp.


Maroto (1875-1937)





Josephus Noval OP, 18 JP (1938) 85-89 1861-1938

Arcturus Vermeersch SJ , Jus Pontificium 17 (1937) 106-108. Ephemeridum Directio

[Benedictus Ojetti SJ] 1862-1932, 12 JP (1932) 181-183.

In memoriam A: 1867-1931, Pru: 1866-1931 11 JP (1931) 119-121.


schaff 1879-1946